Tuesday, June 22, 2010

INSURGENSI : Should on the Air...Again...

In an effort to instill patriotism in the younger generation, the Armed Forces and the Information Ministry produced a history-based military television series similar to the movie Lt Adnan. The Insurgensi.

The 26-episode Drama Insurgensi, which is semi-fictional, are screened on Radio Televisyen Malaysia's TV1 , and it is directed by Aziz M. Osman.

It tells a story about the 2nd Platoon of B Company, (No 5 Platun adalah callsign dia). 8th Ranger Battalion exploits during the 2nd Armed Struggle (or popularly known as 2nd Emergency)

Its a shame that the series were stop from being aired because of some internal dispute between RTM and MAF. Anyway here are the Introduction montage of the series.

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